Breaking News - Useful Discussion held on Facebook!

Seeing updates I could care less about made me hate Facebook. You know what I mean- updates like 'X is sleeping', 'B is having his bath', 'Z is facebooking in church', 'Y just dumped his girlfriend', those sorts of updates.

Once in a while, we do have some useful discussions on Facebook.

So, what do you think? Should a leader be feared or loved?


  1. Hey ya! First time visiting...thanks for stopping by mine. I think that a leader should be loved. When you love someone, you respect them and want to abide by their rules. I think that if a leader is feared, sure people could be productive and abide by rules, but only because of the fear of the consequences if they dont. If a leader is loved, it will yield better results in the long run.

  2. I really like your blog... i am sure coming back

  3. first time here too..thanks for stopping by mine. methinks a leader should be loved, and then it will be easy for the people to believe in his policy and obey the regulations.

  4. @ originalmgbeke The pleasure's all mine. I enjoy your blog. I agree with you that while with fear, one is motivated to serve, followership out of love adds happiness to the list.

    @ Harry-Rami Itie I would appreciate that:-) Your blog motivates me to live right. Keep it up.

    @ histreasure right you are, treasure. I hope we can all convince my friend above to be a leader who is loved and not feared.

    I wonder, are there scenarios where leadership by fear is required?

  5. First time here. I get confused easily so your blog confuses me a little but am sure if I stick around, I'll figure out all the fanciness.


  6. @ Vanity Hello, Vanity. Fanciness? on my blog?

    So, what got you confused?


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