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Seeing updates I could care less about made me hate Facebook. You know what I mean- updates like 'X is sleeping', 'B is having his bath', 'Z is facebooking in church', 'Y just dumped his girlfriend', those sorts of updates.

Once in a while, we do have some useful discussions on Facebook.

So, what do you think? Should a leader be feared or loved?

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We Walk This World Together

Everything happens for a reason. Death is a balance to life. Failure is there so that success will be better appreciated. Sadness exists because it gives our wickedness a limit, makes us value happiness. 
Everything exists for a reason. Why am I not the only one on Earth? It’s often said that no man’s an island. Why do we have family, friends and enemies? Because we walk this world together. As long as we live on Earth, we cannot avoid relating with others. Our relationship might be amicable or disagreeable, but relate we must. 

We cannot gainsay the importance of knowing how to relate with our fellow humans. 

Consider: everyday, we get the chance to make people happy or sad. Everyday, we get the opportunity to encourage or discourage people, to please or annoy. Every day is an opportunity to treat someone respectfully or otherwise; an opportunity to be supportive or unhelpful. We get the chance to make friends or  enemies each day. 

There’s a very simple rule – Treat others as you would want them to treat you. 

Even our enemies are worthy of being treated with respect. They help us grow by contributing to the difficulties of our world.

Go an extra mile in ensuring you are mindful of strangers. ‘The world is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get.’ A seemingly inconsequential person will be in a position to help you someday.

Do More Than Just Live

There are times in life when we just have to think about some things. Life’s too short to not know what’s up. Life’s too brief for us to not ask questions concerning our existence. 

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to life than being born, growing up, finding a good job and living comfortably? Have you ever wondered about the purpose of life? Why are you here on Earth? 

Whether you believe that we were created by God or that we evolved from apes, there’s more to life than just living. If everyone that ever existed just lived, the world wouldn’t be a better place. There would be no erratic electricity supply, no Blackberry, no Playstation, no Laptop, no phones, no books and certainly Twitter, Facebook or Taciturn Turned Talkative. 

Everyone who ever made a difference did more than just live. We have different areas that we can have an impact in. What's your area? How's it being working there?

How To Comment On Articles

When you want to share your opinion or comment on an article on TTT, it is pretty straightforward as a follower of TTT.

After reading an article, you will notice ‘x comments’ at the end of the article. 

Click on the 'x comments', it will bring you to a page like this.


Scroll down to this,

Type your comment and 'post comment'. 

For 'comment as' above, you can comment using your follower’s id or you can comment as anonymous. Select who you want to comment as by clicking on the drop down arrow after typing your comment. 
Have a great time joining the conversation.

How To Follow TTT

Blogs have followers. Followers are readers that have are visibly following a blog, having a profile on the blog.

One advantage an official follower has over a reader is that commenting on articles is easier for him that it is for the reader.

To follow Taciturn Turned Talkative, scroll down along the left sidebar of the blog. You will see a bar titled 'Followers' 

Click on ‘follow’ button to start following the blog (Note, you need a Gmail or Yahoo account to follow a blog). 

When you click on 'follow', you are asked to fill in your email address.

Use your current yahoo or gmail account and a different password (if you want). Fill in the details and click follow.

Done? Congrats, then, you are now officially a follower of TTT. 

Don’t forget to tell your friends about TTT. 

China Phone - To Be or Not To Be Bought

3 reasons why you just might love that ‘China’ phone
-          You don’t get a brand new camera phone with memory card for N6000 anywhere else

-          Two SIM slots

-          Free Nigerian tv stations straight from your ‘China’. 

2 reasons you might regret buying ‘China’ phone

-          The speaker might be loud, but the sound production is very crude. If it rings, we just know it’s ‘china’.

-          The battery doesn’t last as many hours as other brands do.

-  The build, like everything 'china', doesn't look authentic/original.

Lecturer's Address To 'The Boys That Rule'

This was one of our lecturer's parting speech to us on his last day.

"We’ve come to the end of this class;

And, em, I don’t know if I stepped on some big toes during the course of this lecture 

I’m taking this time to apologise to you because there are meetings held during the day and there are meetings held during the night.

So, I’m taking this time to apologise to anybody I offended because I don’t have anything and my children are still very young"

Guess to what group of students he was apologising to.

When PHCN Goes On Strike

When PHCN goes on strike and there's no electrical supply.

 - It’s a transit from 24 hours to no power supply.

 - We can’t read at night if we are averse to ruining our eyes with naked flames.

 - Nonso cannot update Taciturn Turned Talkative, there we keep on reading the same articles on 'Taciturn Turned Talkative'.

 - PHCN brings the light back daily for 5 minutes to remind us of what we are missing

Well, we don’t notice because nothing's changed.

You Just Have To Hate Rain Sometimes

What has a way of ruining our plans? You got that right - rain!

Raining Cats & Dogs
1.    When you have to be somewhere, and it just pours

2.    When you are en route to a place and it just pours

3.    When you are looking hot in those set of clothes, and it just pours

4.    When you gel that hair, and it just pours

5.    When you want to go swimming, and it just pours

6.    When you are enjoying your tennis game, and it just pours

7.    When you are outdoors during a crusade, and it just pours

8.    When you wash and spread your clothes outside, and it just …

When these things happen, you just have to hate rain. Sing with me:

                                  Rain, rain, go away
                                  Come again another day
                                  Little children want to play

{Yes, little children. Rain doesn’t give a hoot about youths or grownups (I tried students once and it just went from heavy rain to rainstorm}.

Did I miss any scenarios? Whenever did you just hate that downpour?

Pimp Your Dream

Yes! It is possible to ‘customise’ your dreams. This means you can choose what or who to dream of at night. 

That's Me
Experts have noticed that often times, the thoughts that fill our day affect our dreams. So, how do you get yourself to dream of being superman?

1 hour before dreamtime

1.    Take a glass of warm milk or cold wine (wine works best)

2.    Shut your eyes and fill your mind with thoughts of flying, having super strength, having the same face but not having people recognize you because you wear glasses in the ‘normal world’ 

3.    Warning – ensure no one disturbs you & and that no stray thoughts find their way into your mind for the one hour.

4.    Sweet dreams!

When A Phone Thief Is Busted

Why do we not have tails? Why do we eat with our mouths and not our nose? Why are all girls beautiful? Why do we tend to yawn when others yawn?

Why is it that when a thief is caught, everyone who ever lost something to a thief steps out and makes him feel their displeasure? Have you never experienced such an incident in Nigeria?

Were! Your own don bi today!
I love to name names, but my friend wants to be anonymous. Let’s call him ‘Paul’. Paul and I were talking about an incident that occurred in UNILAG. A ‘laptop thief’ was caught and students came out to beat him, even one who lost his laptop two years ago. The thief was shouting that it was his first time, but that did not make a difference. 

It is tradition. Every day is for the thief, one day for the owner of the phone. Paul said to me, ‘That one day, it won’t matter if he was the one that stole from me or not, as long as he deals in the area of my loss, I will clobber him to my heart’s fill.’

To Any Phone Thief (When You Are Caught)
Now, Nonso does not know if he will join in and beat the beautiful sunlight out of you, but I sure know one part of me will feel like there is justice when you are being pummelled by others. Take a care and desist. Jesus loves you. Can I hear a hallelujah?

Why Nonso Wants To Become A Plastic Surgeon

I admire beauty. I admire the green plants, the trees. I admire the roses and hibiscuses in our house. I admire the ferocity and sheer deadliness of the killer machines (I could wax poetic about them). 

I admire God’s masterpiece – the human body, the skin that covers your bones, the bones that protect the internal organs and work together to give your body a structure and shape; the tireless blood pump and love generator (the heart)  … 

Ah, yes. I admire feminine beauty. I believe there are things in life that demand you add extra to your offering. These fine creatures of God are one of them. I am talking about girls, people! Nonso (not me) once called them ‘the spice of life’. Now, I don’t know about that, but life is surely more interesting with them in it. Moreover, I must add, that the world is a better place because they are in it with us.  

This love of beauty, spurs me towards plastic surgery. The opportunity to recreate beauty, give someone back what he or she lost (due to age oran accident), fills me up. I would not want to stop doing that.   

Jiggly stuff
You know how sometimes a friend or member of your family would say he doesn’t know why you are studying a particular course, telling you that something would suit you better? I’ve been told such, but whenever I went further to say I would become a plastic surgeon, I would get a smile and an ‘ah’.  

My friend says I want to become a plastic surgeon because I’ll get to see ‘the jiggly stuff each day’ (for some reason, she finds it difficult to say ‘breasts’). I wonder what gave her such a, ah, ridiculous idea. Besides, I will also have male patients.

5 Things That Top Nonso's Hate List

1.    I HATE phone thieves

2.    I hate eating fish

3.    I hate having bones in my food, unless they are 

4.    I hate reading books in just black and white (they depress me)


When That Dead Man Steals Your Phone

In Nigeria, when that dead man takes your phone, you can do nothing but to buy another phone. See here.

Losing one’s phone can be an ugly, heartrending experience. Some experiences are more pitiful than others.

Have you ever bought a phone, used it for three weeks only to have it stolen by ‘a dead man’? I have. 

I bought a Nokia E71 last month, July. My Nokia E71 and I were bonding getting along just fine. Someone must have been jealous of our bond because the third week, he stole it (definitely a he seeing as I am in Biobaku Hall, Boy’s Hostel).

Nah, the phone was taken when I was asleep. Embarrassing!

The theft of my phone was not funny the first two weeks. Thanks to the love, support and condolences of my friends and family, I now see just the funny side of the story. Actually, there isn’t a funny side. If I catch a phone thief, I might indulge in patting his face.

Choosing the Best Browser For Your Phone

The best browser
This review is based on my personal experience with them. I use OM 5, Bolt 2 and UcWeb 7.0

Opera mini
You can download everything except java or symbian apps (OM would require you use your phone browser to download these.
You can download everything.
You can download everything
User friendly
Makes websites fit within phone screen.
Opens  the main web site, hence, pages are bigger than phone screen.
Same with OM

Clash of the Phone Brands - Nonso Compares Phone Brands

These ratings are according to my experience and that of some of my friends.
Sony Ericsson
Battery life
Loud, but not refined
2 (though, if it’s one of those TV phones, I’d rate it 4)
Screen size
Normally have big screens (320 x 240 or more)
Mostly 320 x 240
Depends on phone
Depends on phone
Depends on phone
Screen resolution (how colourful is it)

13 Things You'll Need To Look Out For When Buying Phone

We all use our phones for different reasons. Before buying a phone, it would help to write down what you want in your new phone.  

1.    The make: Believe me, almost every phone out there has a ‘China’ version of it. Here is why you don’t want China and how to identify one.
2.    Brand: The major ones are BB, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, iphone, China. Check ‘Clash of the Phone Brands’ to see comparison of these makes.
3.    The phone antennae – What is a phone if you can’t call with it? Nigerian networks 900/1800 MHz Check the phone pack for GSM 900/1800 & WCDMA 900/2100
4.    Capacity for external memory: does it have a memory card slot?
5.    Battery life: How long does the battery last? Compare here.
6.    Durability: We want to throw a phone away because we want a new one, not because the current one ‘died on us’. I know how it feels. My SE k810i died on me. Check here to compare durability between brands.
7.    Screen resolution: How big is the screen? Typical phones are 176x220, but becoming more popular are 320x240. The larger the screen, the sweeter it is to play games, watch movies on it.
8.    Camera: Life is too short not to take pictures. Some people don’t lay much stock by it though. If you do, go for 3.2 megapixels or more (tip – SE c902, N24, 000, has a whooping 5 MP! Great camera for a comparatively cheap phone).
9.    Navigation key: You might prefer the typical Navi-key to joystick because the former tends to last longer.

10.  Flat, flip or slide? I prefer flat phones. Flip and slide phones tend to have problems with their ‘flex (that’s what my phone techie calls it. When the flex is fried, your screen becomes blind)’
11.  Music player, phone speaker: How loud is that speaker?
12.  Internet: The larger the phone screen, the larger the pages it can open (although, you could just install a browser eg Opera Mini, Bolt or UCWeb). The higher the RAM, the faster it can open pages.
13.  Wifi/WLAN: Sometimes, our network providers might have problems and no one wants to be offline for too long. If you find yourself within a hotspot (that’s what UNILAG students call free wireless internet), browse away using your phone WLAN.
Visit to check out the specs of your desired phone and to read user reviews

Insanity Test

If a hot mama walks past you, what do you do?
           A.    Ogle that fine baby.  
           B.    Throw a glance her way a second time , maybe a third … 
           C.   Keep going and do not even sneak a peek.

Are you a fan of Derele?
A.    Who is He?   
B.    No   
C.   Yes

Was the last presidency election in Nigeria rigged?
A.     Yes    
B.     Maybe  
C.     No

Do you like Terry G’s Free Madness?
A.    No  
B.    Somehow  
C.   Great music!

Would you dance to Faze’s Kolomental?
A.    No     
B.    Maybe   
C.    Yes

If you spot a huge wad of cash on the road, what do you do?
A.    Look at it a second time and pass
B.    Retrace your steps and pick it up (it’s manna from heaven)
C.    Ignore it completely

Michael Jackson’s the greatest and biggest musician/dancer of all time?
A.    Hell yeah
B.    I don’t know
C.   No, he isn’t
Would you go to a mosque and preach that Jesus is Lord?
A.    No, thank you!
B.    If I get a vision about it
C.   Yes, they need Jesus!
Well done, you made it to the end of this grueling quiz! Rate yourself
A – 1
B – 2
C – 3 

0 – 7               get outside and socialize, my friend!
8 – 12             you are normal
 13 – 19           you are getting there, slowly but surely. 

20 – 24         you have qualified for admission into the Psychiatric 
                       Hospital of your Choice ('Yaba Left' Recommended)

Why Am I Here?

We Learn About People When They Talk. Hence, It's Little Wonder We Know Almost Nothing About The Taciturn. Taciturn Turned Talkative Lets A Taciturn Share His Stories, Permitting Us To Better Know Him and His Kind
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