You Just Have To Hate Rain Sometimes

What has a way of ruining our plans? You got that right - rain!

Raining Cats & Dogs
1.    When you have to be somewhere, and it just pours

2.    When you are en route to a place and it just pours

3.    When you are looking hot in those set of clothes, and it just pours

4.    When you gel that hair, and it just pours

5.    When you want to go swimming, and it just pours

6.    When you are enjoying your tennis game, and it just pours

7.    When you are outdoors during a crusade, and it just pours

8.    When you wash and spread your clothes outside, and it just …

When these things happen, you just have to hate rain. Sing with me:

                                  Rain, rain, go away
                                  Come again another day
                                  Little children want to play

{Yes, little children. Rain doesn’t give a hoot about youths or grownups (I tried students once and it just went from heavy rain to rainstorm}.

Did I miss any scenarios? Whenever did you just hate that downpour?

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