Professional Boxers in the House of Representatives

LMSAO!  The boxing match in the House of Reps was largely entertaining. Rather old news, but I just watched it today. Check it out here.

News Flash - People over 30 years old can still engage in the old 'fisticuffs' way of settling quarrels. Were you more embarassed or entertained?

What Has Nigeria Achieved?

Nowadays, my discussions with my friends broach, more frequently, societal matters. Nah, we don't discuss politics. Well, not anymore, considering that we normally end up vexed and frustrated after talking about how well our leaders are leading us.

While we were having one of our discussions,  a friend informed us of the preparations for the Nigeria's 50th birthday:

1. World's Largest Cake to be unveiled in this stadium
Abuja National Stadium

This No More. New 50 Naira Note Coming Soon!

Said friend was outraged at number 1.
He went on and on and on and on about Nigeria not having any achievements to celebrate. This, I pointed out to him, was very wrong. Then, bang! He asked me to list the achievements we are celebrating.

Here's my list -

 1. Our Independence
2. eh ...

Please HELP!!! 

What has Nigeria achieved since she gained independence? 

In what ways is she better now than she was, 50 years ago?

Psst! What is the answer to number 7?

Have you ever been in the exam hall and had someone 'psst!' you and ask you a question? What did you do? 

Today, in the exam hall, before we started, I had a total stranger (yet, tough looking guy) beg me to exchange seats with him so that he could be with his supplier. I exchanged seats with him. If you were the one, knowing he wanted to cheat in the exam hall, and that doing so would help him, would you have switched seats with him?

Later on today (still in the exam hall), a very close friend asked me for answers. I couldn't tell him (I have a principle of 'man alone' in the exam hall). I had to ignore him. What would you have done?

                                                           Exam Malpractice (How Smart Are We?)
Ah, the age old 'Giraffe style'

Now, this I saw during JAMB UME
LOL! Why don't you name it yourself?
Outdated method (bullets)
Aw! You knew he wouldn't search there!

 That's All He Wrote, Folks! Thanks For Stopping By ...


No More Exams In UNILAG

Yay! Exams are over. Let's raise the roof! Who let the dawgs out?! Whoo!
I'm so excited. My friends and I took our last walk around UNILAG today.

We all slept for 5 hours, at least, when we returned to the hostel. I just can't wait to get home.

It's been interesting and something like emotional.

Exam Updates
This Chemistry exam was a bit tricky. There were 5 questions that I didn't know enough about. Have you ever done 'tumbo tumbo' (eeny meeny miny mo) in an exam?

I did that today with the five questions. There were options A - D.

Now, instead of 'tumbo tumbo', I used JESUS CHRIST to pick. Guess what? It worked. I came out, checked my answers, and I got all five of them correct. Thus, I'm sharing this method. Are you feeling lucky?

Introducing 'tumbo tumbo' the Christian style.

1. View question that you have no idea about.
2. Which of these exclamations come to your mind when you contemplate solving it. JESUS CHRIST! or JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!
3. Now, instead of eeny meeny miny mo or 'tumbo tumbo, baskalaba, alaye alaye, tuwa tuwa ...' , go 'J E S U S  
C H R I S T' or 'J E S U S C H R I S T  I S  L O R D'.

For example, solve the following -

What is the origin of the bond rotation barrier in ethane?
A. Covalent Bonding B. Intermolecular forces of attraction. C. Steric hindrance 
D. Hyperconjugation


J E S U S ... I S   L O R D

It fell on C and the answer is C!

That's All He Wrote, Folks! Thanks For Stopping By ...


How many times have I been told to ‘stop dreaming and face reality’? How many times has and will the word ‘reality’ be used to crush my dreams?

Light bulbs, airplanes, electricity, computers, Internet, cars, etc., these were dreams people had. One can only wonder how many times they were told to ‘stop dreaming and face reality’. 

Pink's The New Colour

I felt the green colour wasn't bright. It looked a tad gloomy to me.

I considered blue, but everything out there is blue. I hope it looks better in pink
Why are baby boys dressed in blue and baby girls in pink?

It's Riddles' Day. Let's Play!

Disclaimer: This has got to be my crappiest post ever. Bear with me. I had an empty day. 

'Cos this is such a crappy post, enjoy The Akokite.

'Your Age By Sex Math'

I got this from  
I tweaked it a bit.



1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have sex(more than once but less than 10). Or perhaps pick a random number.

2. Multiply this number by 2.

3. Add 5.

Oye, It's Friday!

It’s Friday, friends. How was your week? Would you share the details of your week with me?
I’ll go first.

Besides falling sick and losing my favorite pencil, my week was great. I made some friends on Monday - Tosin, Mike, Jenniva ...

Got  my first six comments from The Akokite, Myne Whitman, Original Mgbeke, Harry-Rami Itie, histreasure and Vanity.  

Good Naija Girl added my blog to Nigerian Blog Awards site. 

My little bloggie has even gotten 3 followers - histreasure, Vanity and The Akokite

I joined Twitter recently. Starting to get the hang of it. Even got a follower now.  Please drop your twitter ids so I can follow you.

I prayed 4 times this week. Yay! That’s an improvement. 

So, how was your week?

Idle Mind = Devil's Playground

I just finished reading Physics (I just can’t wait to drop this course). I’m tired, not in the mood for crossword puzzles or scrabble…

I’m on my bed, staring at the door. Eyes looking, but not seeing … 
Mind wanders off …

1st stop...      MONEY 
Have you ever been broke? Like hold-me-downside-up-shake-me-well-and-find-just-scraps-of-paper-and-a-pencil broke? I was broke last week. I can tell you being broke isn’t an experience worth reliving.


This word has been accepted by 103 Baku Men as an English Word. Its origin can be traced to the SA 2010 FIFA World Cup when our countryman decided to make a name for himself, albeit in the wrong way. The story is that Yakubu was the only man before an unmanned post in a World Cup match against South Korea and he made history. See for yourself.
Yes, yes, goal!

Oh no he didn't!

Good morning, class. We will be treating Yakubization – the latest entry in the Akokites’ English Dictionary.

Yakubise (verb) – (1) to mess up a very good chance (2) to screw up a major opportunity (3) to try and fail (4) (sports) to score like Yakubu
Yakubisation (noun) – the act of yakubising

So, we waltzed out of the World Cup. Let’s give honour to whom honour is due. We thank you, Yakubu, for adding to our vocabulary. 

I leave you with this – In whatever positive endeavour of yours, if you yakubise (3rd meaning), try, try, try again and you will succeed

Good night, everyone! Sweet dreams.

Today got me thinking

Alright, today got me thinking.

Why did people have to wait for Michael Jackson to die before showing him this much love and appreciation? 
I confess I liked him more, and became more interested in him after he died. 

Types of Sicknesses

We have different types of sicknesses.

- Ones that make you regret ever being born

- Ones that make you regret ever being born, suck your blood

I want to fall sick?

Have you ever wanted that? 'Why would you?' you ask.

Sometimes, I find myself wishing I'd fall sick. When I'm sick, my mom treats me to anything I want (for me, it’s her fried rice and chicken). Dad makes me the lime juice (my dad makes the best lime juice!). 

Have you noticed that all the goodies fall into our laps when we fall sick? You get to choose what you want to eat, you are brought some ice-cream ...

Alright, maybe no sane person will want to fall sick. 

So, have you ever enjoyed being sick?

Why Am I Here?

We Learn About People When They Talk. Hence, It's Little Wonder We Know Almost Nothing About The Taciturn. Taciturn Turned Talkative Lets A Taciturn Share His Stories, Permitting Us To Better Know Him and His Kind
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