Insanity Test

If a hot mama walks past you, what do you do?
           A.    Ogle that fine baby.  
           B.    Throw a glance her way a second time , maybe a third … 
           C.   Keep going and do not even sneak a peek.

Are you a fan of Derele?
A.    Who is He?   
B.    No   
C.   Yes

Was the last presidency election in Nigeria rigged?
A.     Yes    
B.     Maybe  
C.     No

Do you like Terry G’s Free Madness?
A.    No  
B.    Somehow  
C.   Great music!

Would you dance to Faze’s Kolomental?
A.    No     
B.    Maybe   
C.    Yes

If you spot a huge wad of cash on the road, what do you do?
A.    Look at it a second time and pass
B.    Retrace your steps and pick it up (it’s manna from heaven)
C.    Ignore it completely

Michael Jackson’s the greatest and biggest musician/dancer of all time?
A.    Hell yeah
B.    I don’t know
C.   No, he isn’t
Would you go to a mosque and preach that Jesus is Lord?
A.    No, thank you!
B.    If I get a vision about it
C.   Yes, they need Jesus!
Well done, you made it to the end of this grueling quiz! Rate yourself
A – 1
B – 2
C – 3 

0 – 7               get outside and socialize, my friend!
8 – 12             you are normal
 13 – 19           you are getting there, slowly but surely. 

20 – 24         you have qualified for admission into the Psychiatric 
                       Hospital of your Choice ('Yaba Left' Recommended)


  1. My score on the Insanity Test was 11. Drop scores (no one will call 'Yaba Left', I promise)

  2. Blogging is that the new poetry. I notice it terrific and wonderful in some ways.


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