We Walk This World Together

Everything happens for a reason. Death is a balance to life. Failure is there so that success will be better appreciated. Sadness exists because it gives our wickedness a limit, makes us value happiness. 
Everything exists for a reason. Why am I not the only one on Earth? It’s often said that no man’s an island. Why do we have family, friends and enemies? Because we walk this world together. As long as we live on Earth, we cannot avoid relating with others. Our relationship might be amicable or disagreeable, but relate we must. 

We cannot gainsay the importance of knowing how to relate with our fellow humans. 

Consider: everyday, we get the chance to make people happy or sad. Everyday, we get the opportunity to encourage or discourage people, to please or annoy. Every day is an opportunity to treat someone respectfully or otherwise; an opportunity to be supportive or unhelpful. We get the chance to make friends or  enemies each day. 

There’s a very simple rule – Treat others as you would want them to treat you. 

Even our enemies are worthy of being treated with respect. They help us grow by contributing to the difficulties of our world.

Go an extra mile in ensuring you are mindful of strangers. ‘The world is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’ll get.’ A seemingly inconsequential person will be in a position to help you someday.

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Why Am I Here?

We Learn About People When They Talk. Hence, It's Little Wonder We Know Almost Nothing About The Taciturn. Taciturn Turned Talkative Lets A Taciturn Share His Stories, Permitting Us To Better Know Him and His Kind
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