When PHCN Goes On Strike

When PHCN goes on strike and there's no electrical supply.

 - It’s a transit from 24 hours to no power supply.

 - We can’t read at night if we are averse to ruining our eyes with naked flames.

 - Nonso cannot update Taciturn Turned Talkative, there we keep on reading the same articles on 'Taciturn Turned Talkative'.

 - PHCN brings the light back daily for 5 minutes to remind us of what we are missing

Well, we don’t notice because nothing's changed.

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Why Am I Here?

We Learn About People When They Talk. Hence, It's Little Wonder We Know Almost Nothing About The Taciturn. Taciturn Turned Talkative Lets A Taciturn Share His Stories, Permitting Us To Better Know Him and His Kind
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