When That Dead Man Steals Your Phone

In Nigeria, when that dead man takes your phone, you can do nothing but to buy another phone. See here.

Losing one’s phone can be an ugly, heartrending experience. Some experiences are more pitiful than others.

Have you ever bought a phone, used it for three weeks only to have it stolen by ‘a dead man’? I have. 

I bought a Nokia E71 last month, July. My Nokia E71 and I were bonding getting along just fine. Someone must have been jealous of our bond because the third week, he stole it (definitely a he seeing as I am in Biobaku Hall, Boy’s Hostel).

Nah, the phone was taken when I was asleep. Embarrassing!

The theft of my phone was not funny the first two weeks. Thanks to the love, support and condolences of my friends and family, I now see just the funny side of the story. Actually, there isn’t a funny side. If I catch a phone thief, I might indulge in patting his face.

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