Pimp Your Dream

Yes! It is possible to ‘customise’ your dreams. This means you can choose what or who to dream of at night. 

That's Me
Experts have noticed that often times, the thoughts that fill our day affect our dreams. So, how do you get yourself to dream of being superman?

1 hour before dreamtime

1.    Take a glass of warm milk or cold wine (wine works best)

2.    Shut your eyes and fill your mind with thoughts of flying, having super strength, having the same face but not having people recognize you because you wear glasses in the ‘normal world’ 

3.    Warning – ensure no one disturbs you & and that no stray thoughts find their way into your mind for the one hour.

4.    Sweet dreams!


  1. This doesn't work all the time. But it works most of the time for me. Happy awake, happier asleep.

    There is no reason for you not to be in control of your dream time as well.

  2. sounds nice
    but i wonder what one will achieve so doing?
    unless u don't believe in the potency and effect of dream to conscious life

  3. @ chinedu No need having a crappy dream if you had a nasty day.

    'potency and effect of dream to conscious life'
    what is that?


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