This word has been accepted by 103 Baku Men as an English Word. Its origin can be traced to the SA 2010 FIFA World Cup when our countryman decided to make a name for himself, albeit in the wrong way. The story is that Yakubu was the only man before an unmanned post in a World Cup match against South Korea and he made history. See for yourself.
Yes, yes, goal!

Oh no he didn't!

Good morning, class. We will be treating Yakubization – the latest entry in the Akokites’ English Dictionary.

Yakubise (verb) – (1) to mess up a very good chance (2) to screw up a major opportunity (3) to try and fail (4) (sports) to score like Yakubu
Yakubisation (noun) – the act of yakubising

So, we waltzed out of the World Cup. Let’s give honour to whom honour is due. We thank you, Yakubu, for adding to our vocabulary. 

I leave you with this – In whatever positive endeavour of yours, if you yakubise (3rd meaning), try, try, try again and you will succeed

Good night, everyone! Sweet dreams.


  1. Atrocious yakubization!
    Great post, man. Loving your blog.

    Good night

  2. @ The Akokite Thanks, man. Still waiting for Internet Cake 2.

  3. WTF! Don't tell me that this is the goal opportunity that the **** missed. God!

    atrocious yakubization indeed!


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