Psst! What is the answer to number 7?

Have you ever been in the exam hall and had someone 'psst!' you and ask you a question? What did you do? 

Today, in the exam hall, before we started, I had a total stranger (yet, tough looking guy) beg me to exchange seats with him so that he could be with his supplier. I exchanged seats with him. If you were the one, knowing he wanted to cheat in the exam hall, and that doing so would help him, would you have switched seats with him?

Later on today (still in the exam hall), a very close friend asked me for answers. I couldn't tell him (I have a principle of 'man alone' in the exam hall). I had to ignore him. What would you have done?

                                                           Exam Malpractice (How Smart Are We?)
Ah, the age old 'Giraffe style'

Now, this I saw during JAMB UME
LOL! Why don't you name it yourself?
Outdated method (bullets)
Aw! You knew he wouldn't search there!

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  1. lol i always help peeps but i never trust their answers except im willing to gamble and the exam wasnt too important ill accept a cheat..example being once in an exam the teacher came in and just started giving us the answers to the number 1 is a,,,omo nobody slack ooo even me i write am and afterwards i cross checkd some didnt make sense i didnt write it down thats what i mean by i dont trust their answers fully even if na teacher lol...maybe its just me being too careful!

  2. @ Barefeet A teacher? What in the world?!
    The first time I helped someone in the exam hall, it felt wrong. Is it a matter of perspective then?

    One can never be too careful. Right you are there!

  3. orishirishi! This post really makes a lotta sense ooo... I've been through school and while i was @ it, came across all sorts. Cheating made me feel unclean, but then i joined the bandwagon after being accused of being arrogant. When a friend felt i didn't help him enough, he ratted me out for helping another....of course it was all different in the university...if i could do it over again, i wouldn't help anyone at all. Nice blog Nonso, really personal.

  4. Lol. I would move for them o. Biko, no one's going to put me in trouble. 'Cause when they use me as the middle man, the invigilator/lecturer will only see the note when it's in my hands. That's what always happens.

    Don't feel bad for ignoring your friend jo. It's the best thing to do. Stand your ground and let people know you don't roll like that.

    Thanks for stopping over at mines. Look out for the continuation/gap-filling soon.

  5. oh i would surely move for them..though when i was in school, i had a seat for exams, nobody else takes it and if you sit besides me, you know that 'nothing for you'

  6. @ Wild Boy ... 'being accused of being arrogant'
    Exactly! They tend to play the
    'you are arrogant' card.
    I guess all I need to do is act like
    like I'm deaf.

    Thanks for stopping by my bloggie.

  7. @ isha I wouldn't dare be the middle man.
    The problem is stepping out of the
    exam hall. I've heard stories of
    people being beaten after exams
    for not 'cooperating'.

    I await it eagerly!

  8. @ histreasure
    'your special seat during exams' You must have been the best in your class.

    Teachers, in my secondary school, tended to pay special attention, during an exam, to the very smart ones.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. LOL... The little boy's pic has got me cracking up. Really great post here, Nonso.

    If I were the one, I would have switched seats to keep my nose intact after the exams.

    As for telling my friend, it depends on if the area is clear or not. I think one should help others.

  10. I used to do the "cooperating" thing when i was in naija in d one yr i went to college there. But since i left, i can honestly say i have never asked nor have been asked during exams.

    Although last yr in med school this chic caught me off guard during anatomy practical when she asked me what i thought a structure was before the exam started. I blurted out what i thot before i realised how much trouble i almost got into. They don't play with exam malpractice in my school, u will be dismissed.

  11. I wouldn't feel comfortable helping him cheat at all. Maybe when I was younger I would have been more reckless, but now I would feel guilty and nervous about being caught. (What is it that they say about the recklessness of youth?) I must say though, it never crossed my mind to tape answers to my thighs or boobs! Clever!

  12. @ Vivianne's Vista reckless youth makes rueful age. Clever and naughty.

    @ Sting I would it were like that in every institution. I once heard a teacher giving answers to a student in the exam hall.

    @ all Thank you all so much for participating.


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