No More Exams In UNILAG

Yay! Exams are over. Let's raise the roof! Who let the dawgs out?! Whoo!
I'm so excited. My friends and I took our last walk around UNILAG today.

We all slept for 5 hours, at least, when we returned to the hostel. I just can't wait to get home.

It's been interesting and something like emotional.

Exam Updates
This Chemistry exam was a bit tricky. There were 5 questions that I didn't know enough about. Have you ever done 'tumbo tumbo' (eeny meeny miny mo) in an exam?

I did that today with the five questions. There were options A - D.

Now, instead of 'tumbo tumbo', I used JESUS CHRIST to pick. Guess what? It worked. I came out, checked my answers, and I got all five of them correct. Thus, I'm sharing this method. Are you feeling lucky?

Introducing 'tumbo tumbo' the Christian style.

1. View question that you have no idea about.
2. Which of these exclamations come to your mind when you contemplate solving it. JESUS CHRIST! or JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!
3. Now, instead of eeny meeny miny mo or 'tumbo tumbo, baskalaba, alaye alaye, tuwa tuwa ...' , go 'J E S U S  
C H R I S T' or 'J E S U S C H R I S T  I S  L O R D'.

For example, solve the following -

What is the origin of the bond rotation barrier in ethane?
A. Covalent Bonding B. Intermolecular forces of attraction. C. Steric hindrance 
D. Hyperconjugation


J E S U S ... I S   L O R D

It fell on C and the answer is C!

That's All He Wrote, Folks! Thanks For Stopping By ...


  1. see me see blank oo...bare comments on ur blog no reply ....i no go comment on this one then

  2. Hello, barefeet. Thank you for checking out my bloggie. I'm replying now.

  3. Are you serious? I call that an incredible stroke of luck. Nothing more. It's great to have ended exams oh.

  4. buhahaha.. this is so funny..!
    an akokite myself..
    funny school.!
    just stumbled on your blog.
    keep it up.


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