What Has Nigeria Achieved?

Nowadays, my discussions with my friends broach, more frequently, societal matters. Nah, we don't discuss politics. Well, not anymore, considering that we normally end up vexed and frustrated after talking about how well our leaders are leading us.

While we were having one of our discussions,  a friend informed us of the preparations for the Nigeria's 50th birthday:

1. World's Largest Cake to be unveiled in this stadium
Abuja National Stadium

This No More. New 50 Naira Note Coming Soon!

Said friend was outraged at number 1.
He went on and on and on and on about Nigeria not having any achievements to celebrate. This, I pointed out to him, was very wrong. Then, bang! He asked me to list the achievements we are celebrating.

Here's my list -

 1. Our Independence
2. eh ...

Please HELP!!! 

What has Nigeria achieved since she gained independence? 

In what ways is she better now than she was, 50 years ago?


  1. our music is now internationally known and recognised i.e mobo ...mtv awards etc..considering ive not been living there for half of my life thats all i can remember unfortunately

  2. Thanks, Barefeet. Considering I've been living here since birth and didn't think of the music, you did great!


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