Pink's The New Colour

I felt the green colour wasn't bright. It looked a tad gloomy to me.

I considered blue, but everything out there is blue. I hope it looks better in pink
Why are baby boys dressed in blue and baby girls in pink?

It's Riddles' Day. Let's Play!

Disclaimer: This has got to be my crappiest post ever. Bear with me. I had an empty day. 

'Cos this is such a crappy post, enjoy The Akokite.


  1. Pink's for girls, but I love it. It's certainly better than the 'gloomy' green. Have you tried purple?

    Baby boys are dressed in blue and baby girls in pink because they can't dress themselves.

  2. i guess we are justwired to think that way. pink is for girls. lol

  3. @ Chike Right you are! I agree with you, so I've changed to white.

    @ jobsfornaija Yes, we were made to think that way. No more pink oh. LOL

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