Idle Mind = Devil's Playground

I just finished reading Physics (I just can’t wait to drop this course). I’m tired, not in the mood for crossword puzzles or scrabble…

I’m on my bed, staring at the door. Eyes looking, but not seeing … 
Mind wanders off …

1st stop...      MONEY 
Have you ever been broke? Like hold-me-downside-up-shake-me-well-and-find-just-scraps-of-paper-and-a-pencil broke? I was broke last week. I can tell you being broke isn’t an experience worth reliving.

2nd Stop...  MORE MONEY
Last week got me thinking, devising means to avoid broke-assedness. I got a few ideas.

(i) Do not spend frivolously anymore. You dumb bloke, your allowance is more than enough for you.

(ii) Find a rich girlfriend ...  Nope, I’m too chicken for that.

(iii) Build a social site that will sell like Facebook – Now, you’re talking. I’ve got just the perfect idea … I’ll just …

Mind wanders off again ...


3rd Stop   You got it – those in the hostel JUST A FENCE AWAY 

Where to start, where to start… Not anonymous, so I’ve got to be careful about just how much I say! Alright, I feel like I’m behind the times ...

TV – youth banging is what's up.
Nonso – I feel like I’m behind the times
Campus – virginity is a lack of opportunity
Nonso – when did that happen?
Friends – ‘banging’ is now common, man
Nonso – Alright, I’m really feeling retro right now. It is 2010, isn’t it?
Church – Abstain from sex
Nonso – (feeling rebellious) Why should I abstain?

So I haven’t gotten on the bus. I won’t anytime soon because -

1. I’m doing too many things wrong. Don’t want to add this to my list of sins
2. Too many risks, uncertainties
3. I think ‘Honeypots’ are special, man. Should be just one bee a lifetime (tentative stand …)
4. Why does a dog lick his balls?

NONSO!!! Mind snaps back... Eyes looking and starting to see... I’m on my bed staring into my roommate’s face.

Nonso - Huh?
Spoilthought – Gimme your calc
Nonso – No
Spoilthought takes it anyway.

That’s All He wrote, folks. How was your week?



  1. "honeypots" are no longer special, man. everyone's hitting it.

  2. Wow...and I thought I had an overactive imagination! =)
    I hate it though when I'm in the midst of a particularly interesting thought process (abegi I mean daydream), and a "spoilthought" interrupts me.

  3. @ Chike Not everyone, son. You aren't 'hitting it', or are you?

    @ simplegal I know, it can be frustrating at times. I'm looking forward to reading your posts on any of your 'particularly interesting thought processes'.

    Thank you, everyone, for checking out my bloggie.


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