Who else forgot the National Anthem?

On such an ordinary day, I was asked to recite

National Anthem. I stood with my head held

high, cleared my throat and went:

Arise oh compatriots

Nigeria's call obey To serve our fatherland

with love, and strength and faith

The ... (huh!) the ...

I didn't forget the rest, just the next word. I

had to google it.

Now, before you go 'what a dunce', recite the

National Anthem and say the pledge.

So, who else forgot a word of the anthem?

P.S My first trial of mobile blogging. I'll format it when I get my hands on a desktop.


  1. lmao...thats a good one, how long have u been away? I remembered it tho

  2. Away? Here's the shocker - I'm in Nigeria! It's been a year since I sang the National Anthem. Do you think I need to see a doctor?

  3. I prefer the pledge

    "I pledge to Nigeria my country, to be faithful, loyal and honest"

    It is so me.

  4. I wont touch this one with a ten foot pole, havent said the anthem in 6 years, I shall not even try

  5. Yup, I can't even even remember the first line. And I call myself a patriot. Pfft!

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